Hi, my name is Ferdinand, and I am the owner of Villa Fè.
It has taken me 10 years to build the house, dedicating my passion, care and love to it.
Over the years, the desire to reconcile the best Umbrian architectural tradition with the modernity and comfort of technology has kept me going, which was actually a dream of the “beautiful” and “practical” that my dear father approved of.

I thought I would provide a few facts about the years of hard work that led to the completion of my dream villa.

ferdinando baldini


The most striking spectacular element of Villa Fè is undoubtedly the centuries-old oak that stands in front of the house.
It dates back to 1600, and is there to remind us daily through its magnificence and resilience of our origins, our land, our roots.


Arriving at Villa Fè is like immersing yourself in a dimension that conjures up emotions rarely felt. When you reach the gates from the road, you have no idea of the sensory universe that will open up once you have entered.
Your gaze wanders over the Spoleto Valley, so loved by our beloved Saint Francis. The view is immense. The valley stands out in all its majesty and beauty. In what was one the “lacus umber”, we can clearly see the images of Umbrian towns, from Perugia to Rocca Albornoziana in the city that hosts the Festival dei Due Mondi.
The infinity pool seems suspended in the countryside, floating over the valley while restoring the spirit in a timeless dimension.
The house’s architecture has been designed to provide an experience that is fully integrated with the surrounding environment and the Italian-style garden. Our guests enjoy an immediate contact with nature, even while indoors, thanks to the large windows.

The Holm Oak

Set amidst the most common, characteristic trees found on Monte Subasio, where Villa Fè stands on the lower slopes. Our very own Holm oak is special, however… Set in a cube of glass, with the trunk inside the house and its canopy outside in the open air. There is a close relationship between environment and architectural solutions that has inspired the overall project concept.

Types of buildings

Villa Fè is the result of an eco-sustainable concept behind the project.
The materials used reflect the tradition of Umbrian architecture and construction, namely stone from Roman times and bricks from the Medieval period. Contemporary design materials, such as steel, wood and glass have also been used.


The house’s energy supply is inspired by the goal of being completely gas free, using alternative sources such as geothermal, photovoltaic and solar energy, in full respect of the environment and in line with European CO2 emission reduction standards.

ferdinando baldini